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Biodiversity :

the soil, source of life

its composition, role and protection

Biodiversity: soil is the basis of almost everything, an essential substrate for plant and animal life, an indispensable tool for farmers, a key player in the water cycle, a support for infrastructure and habitat, and home to 25% of the world’s known species.

However, its anthropization, certain agricultural practices and the various forms of pollution to which it is subjected are endangering it and depriving us of all or part of its faculties.

Marc-André SELOSSE, a biologist specializing in botany and mycology and professor at the Muséum national d’histoire naturelle (MNHN), explains in this lecture how soil has developed over the centuries, its fragility, its expanding power, the causes of its degradation and the solutions for protecting it.

Don’t hesitate to pick up his book “L’origine du monde, une histoire naturelle du sol à l’intention de ceux qui le piétinent”, published by Actes Sud, 480 pages.




to view his November 23, 2021 lecture on the subject.