Aquatic environments and the French

Oceans, coastlines, seas, rivers…

Aquatic environments and the French

An unexpected equation: an anxiety-provoking subject, considered serious and yet little known

As part of the Fête de l’Aquarium, the Palais de la Porte Dorée and Occurrence – Groupe Ifop are unveiling the results of a major national survey on the perception and knowledge of aquatic environments: oceans, coastlines, wetlands (ponds, marshes, rivers, lagoons, etc.).

The study reveals that the preservation of aquatic environments is perceived by the French as one of the three major challenges in the fight against climate change. The state of preservation of aquatic environments is considered serious and anxiety-provoking.

The study highlights a clear need for education on this subject in order to deconstruct false beliefs and allow the French to better target their individual actions.

Among educational solutions, aquariums could be more identified as places to raise awareness among young people on environmental issues.

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