Committed to the climate

To commit, we need to understand.

The Association Défi pour l’Environnement France, in partnership with the Fresque du Climat, co-organizes workshops for all publics, associations, schools, colleges and universities.

Understanding for action. This is the key to enabling children and students to reduce their environmental footprint.

Created by Cédric Rigenbach, these collective intelligence workshops, designed in a fun and creative way, are the first step in the program towards obtaining an individual carbon neutrality passport.

What is it ? 

It’s a collaborative, educational and creative game

and creative 

climate change while having fun.

The mechanisms explained in the reports of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on climate change and climate disruption are complex but relatively inaccessible to most of us. 

The idea? Put the causes and consequences of climate change in order, using a deck of cards.

Once the game cards have been uncovered, participants work together to link them together and identify the causes and consequences of climate change. They then trace the links, form teams to compete for the best rendition and illustrate the Fresco with images, drawings, a title… This is the knowledge acquisition phase.

They then share their feelings and reflect on collective solutions, to trigger action. It’s also an opportunity to review the decarbonization measures we can take both individually and collectively.

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