Committed to water

Why? How?

Water and climate change are regularly cited among the most serious crises facing humanity in the coming decades. The links between the two issues are very close.

Water is involved at all levels of the climate system (atmosphere, hydrosphere, land surface, biosphere…), but also droughts, floods, melting ice and rising sea levels. According to the latest UN report, ” water is our most precious resource, a “blue gold”.
blue gold
“To which more than 2 billion people (a quarter of the world’s population) have no direct access. It is not only essential to survival, but also a health, social and cultural issue at the heart of human societies.

Of all the possible projects, we’ve chosen to focus particularly on seas and oceans, and plastic waste.

A seabed littered with all kinds of detritus… That’s today’s sad reality. The vast majority of this waste comes from the mainland, sometimes several hundred kilometers from the sea. The cause? Many of the negligent behaviors responsible for the famous “7th continent” and plastic pollution in particular. Plastics that degrade slowly into microplastic particles that we ingest unknowingly in doses of 5g. per week, the equivalent of a credit card!

80% of marine litter has been dumped on land!

What can we do?

Why action in favour of the Mediterranean?

It is the most polluted sea in the world. The Mediterranean represents 1% of the world’s marine waters, but accounts for 8% of all microplastics:

  • 80% of the waste comes from the land and 80% of this waste is found on the seabed.

  • 48 liters of cosmetics are dumped every minute into the seas/oceans.

  • Cigarette butts and filters account for 40% of the waste in the Mediterranean Sea.

The goal: to create a trigger in the minds of humans.

    all associations working for the respect of the Mediterranean Sea.

    the community: all citizens across the departments; Town halls; Associations; company employees – CSR managers – school directors, universities.

  • Thanks to the Lions International Division,
    I would like to
    unite all Mediterranean countries around this project.

How: your creativity is in the spotlight, below are some examples of actions:

  • Registration with the avaloires; “This is where the sea begins.”

  • Signs around the fountains: “Water is precious, don’t waste it!”

  • Conferences on waste and how to recycle it.

  • Raise awareness of marine biodiversity.

  • Facilitate the recovery of waste before discharge.

  • Collection of cigarette butts, plastic waste: bags, caps; containers, solar products, etc.

  • Quizzes to raise awareness among young people.

  • Promote the actions undertaken by local associations


We need to take action now! So, neighbors, businesses, political representatives, now is the time for action!