Calculate your carbon footprint

Calculate your personal carbon footprint:

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Carbon offsetting on a private basis.

While carbon offsetting is mandatory for companies above a certain size, it remains voluntary for all other cases. It takes several years to reduce your carbon footprint. Investments in energy savings are not instantaneous.

Offsetting your carbon footprint means committing to reducing it and in the meantime, offsetting it financially. The carbon offset is measured in Euros. It is the product of tonnage by the value of a tonne of carbon in Europe.

It is €47 per tonne in 2023. It could be €100/t in 2030

Example: My carbon footprint is 9.5 t/year
• In 2023: €447
• Would be in 2030: €950

Once you’ve calculated your carbon consumption, you can decide:

  • Or to offset part of your consumption for your household
  • Or to compensate for your entire consumption


To whom should this compensation be paid:

With our association associations of general interest with an environmental vocation, by making a donation: Défi pour l’environnement France /join/make a donation.

This donation is tax-deductible. A rescript will be sent to you.

For companies with an obligation to declare/offset, see the website: Backcarbone: carbon offsetting and CSR strategy

Calculate the carbon footprint of an event (meeting, congress, etc.):

Download the attached online file in the same section:

Event: Calculating the carbon footprint.xlsx

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