Calculate the carbon footprint of an event

It is, first and foremost, a tool for raising awareness.

1 – Calculation of the carbon footprint for a particular event (meeting, demonstration, congress, etc.):

We have developed a calculation adapted to this type of situation: ==> Click HERE

What is carbon offsetting:

Offsetting your carbon footprint means:

  • commit to reducing it;
  • compensate financially.

Namely, compensating without a commitment to reduce is called “Greenwashing“. Carbon offsetting is measured in euros. It is the product of the tonnage from the above calculations by the value of the tonne of carbon in euros.

Carbon offsetting on a private basis:

While carbon offsetting is mandatory for companies above a certain size, it remains voluntary for all other cases. It takes several years to reduce your carbon footprint. Investments in energy savings are not instantaneous.

Offsetting your carbon footprint means financing an association or organization that participates in the preservation of the environment. It is clapped by multiplying the number of tons of carbon you got in the previous calculation by the official value at a given point in time.
This tonne of CO2 was €47 in June 2023.
It is €80 in January 2024.

If your carbon footprint is 8.5 t, your participation is 8.5 x 80€ = 680€.
This participation is voluntary and tax deductible, you can make a donation of more or less 680€.


2 – Calculation of your personal carbon footprint:

ADEME’s official website serves as a national reference. It calculates your personal carbon footprint per year.
The French average is 9.5t/year.
Your challenge is to get down to 7 to 8 t quickly by eco-friendly gestures, then gradually reduce it by rethinking your consumption in the different categories you will discover.

To do your personal calculation ==> Click

Once your tonnage has been calculated, multiply it by €80 and you get the amount of carbon offsetting to be made.

3 – To whom should this compensation be paid?

From our environmental non-profit organization, by making a donation on the Défi pour l’Environnement website.

–> You are already registered on the site:

  • Click HERE to enter your username and password
  • Then go to the Contribute / Donate tab

–> You are not registered on the site:

  • Click HERE to go directly to the Donate form

This donation is tax-deductible. A certificate will be sent to you.

For companies with an obligation to declare/offset, see the website: Backcarbone: carbon offsetting and CSR strategy