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In order to count, by organizing structure, the number of bottles collected, their capacities, send us photos.

For the record:

  • 1 x 1 liter bottle can hold 600 cigarette butts!
  • 1 x 1.5 litre bottle can hold 900 cigarette butts


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The main challenges of an Ocean Pact for the European Union:

Since the beginning of her mandate as a Member of the European Parliament, Catherine Chabaud has been calling for the European Union, the second largest maritime area in the world, to rely more resolutely on its maritime dimension and to implement a genuine European Ocean Pact. This embodied video presents an overview of the major issues. The sailor wishes to mobilise those who will have to preside over the future of the EU and, more broadly, European citizens

The history of cigarette butts:

Attacking cigarette butts:

1 – His background:

The Stormwater Cycle

Rainwater reaches the sea without treatment

When rain from the sky falls on an urbanized area, it has several possibilities:

  • It falls on a natural area, it will mostly infiltrate the ground or run off if the intensity of the rain is very strong by staying on a natural area or by overflowing into a waterproof area.
  • It falls on a waterproofed area (road, parking lot, sidewalk, etc.), in this case it will run off and start to get dirty by “cleaning” the areas on which it runs off and loading up with various pollutants (heavy metals, hydrocarbons, various waste, cigarette butts, various chemical molecules, etc.). It will then either go directly to a receiving environment (ditch, stream, river, etc.) without treatment, or to be engulfed in a drain (commonly called a manhole) or a drain grate to join the underground world of the sewerage networks.
  • The sewerage network, known here as a rainwater network made up of pipes, will allow the water to be transported to a receiving environment. There is no treatment system except for a few settling pits.

2 –
The cigarette butt:

Did you know?

The cigarette butt is composed of cellulose acetate, a plastic material obtained after chemical modification of cellulose and supplemented by treatment with titanium dioxide and compacted with an irritating plasticizer (triacetin). Plastic waste accounts for 40% of pollutants recovered from the ground or the Mediterranean Sea

It takes between 2 and 10 years to be destroyed, pollutes 500 litres of water and contributes greatly to the dispersion of plastics into micro and nanoplastics that enter the entire food chain. It is estimated that every week we swallow 5 g of microplastic, which is the equivalent of a credit card… and 20 kgs over a lifetime…!

In France, it is estimated that 64 billion tobacco products are consumed each year. Of this global deposit, it is considered that nearly 8 billion cigarette butts are discarded in nature and sooner or later end up in the Mediterranean Sea (Atlantic Ocean/English Channel, etc.).

Worldwide, nearly 150,000 cigarette butts are thrown on the ground every second. That’s 4,300 billion cigarette butts….


3 –


4 – SENSITIZATION through targeted distribution of pocket ashtrays:

Don’t hesitate to offer a pocket ashtray to smokers…

If they throw their cigarette butt into nature, they usually do it mechanically, a gift with a smile and a few explanations if they wish:

You’ll see it works!

See you soon